Links Media ( is offering an internship in the area of business services. The business services internship will be based at Links Media offices in Rockville, Maryland and offer the following learning opportunities:

The internship position is offered for a minimum of 12 weeks at 20 hours per week.



Applicants must have a relevant academic pursuit in one or more of the following fields:

Interns should be fluent in English and computer proficient with Macs and PCs.

About the Company:

Founded in 2002, Links Media is a full-service information, education, and communications company. Its professional service offerings include project management; market assessments; strategic planning and program implementation using information technology; capacity building and training with e-learning; development and distribution of materials and products including web sites, videos, publications, databases, and social media; partnership development, training,
and technical assistance; knowledge dissemination through marketing, public relations, advertising, and outreach; and monitoring and evaluation.

Links Media

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