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Links Media was founded in 2002 in Gaithersburg, Maryland and quickly grew with its success in infusing innovation into its creative work with online exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution and its ability to design comprehensive strategic communication approaches for public health programs at the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Agency for International Development. On its tenth anniversary, in 2012, Links Media L.L.C. officially expanded its brand and portfolio of services to include Links Global a worldwide network of partners and offices, providing centralized management with local solutions for delivering expertise in management, administrative support, consulting, research, information technology, education and public/private sector partnerships.

Co-Founder of Links Media Brian Kubiak has served as company President since 2012 and has expanded the portfolio of clients and developed strategic organizational partnerships across the U.S. and globe to drive innovation and deliver high-value products and services.

With institutions and the public, Links Media works to create a culture of learning to understand, embrace, and deliver effective communication and results—knowledge and learning, health and wellness, safety, economic prosperity, social order, efficient and successful institutions, crisis control, and conflict resolution. As well, Links Media leads communication efforts to promote organizational identify and brand and institutional program goals and objectives, support organizational recruitment, and influence public attitudes and behaviors.

Brian Kubiak

Brian Kubiak

Links Media

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